I Am Worth a $10,000 Cup of Coffee, and So Are You

I Am Worth A $10,000 Cup of Coffee And So Are You

By Kacie Brockman

Of course I realize how obscene a Keurig costing $10,000 is, but this King of Keurig’s represents something far deeper than that.

If any of you know, the story of Jim Carrey and how when he was an unknown comedian and  very poor he wrote a check to himself for $10,000,000.00. And he wrote in the memo: “For Acting Services Rendered”    

On the day when his father died, Jim Carrey placed the check into the casket and believed that one day he would in fact, earn $10 million. A few short years later, he would be able to cash that check.

In 2008, when I was pregnant with my son, as some of you might know, the pregnancy was quite difficult.      Five doctors told us that he would not live. They couldn’t even give him a 1% chance.     I had already lost one baby boy in nearly the same manner 4 years before.     

With this pregnancy I remember having just read, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer.   I absolutely refused to believe that this was going to happen to me for a second time.      

I had 2% amniotic fluid and was on my back from the time I was 20 weeks until I was 29 weeks.  The entire time placed on bedrest in a highly skilled,  high-risk maternity unit.      

Every single day I imagined holding him, kissing his tummy and  tickling his toes. I visualized it. I saw it. Because I knew I could not endure a second loss like I did the four years prior.  I simply refused to believe it.      

I told the doctors, “I don’t want to hear your reports. I don’t want to see any of your statistics. I don’t want to know anything.”  I told them to do whatever they needed to do to keep my baby alive.   

For 9 weeks I laid there, everyday waiting with a fragile mix of trepidation and hope, the birth of my baby boy.   I did not care in which manner God determined that he be packaged…all I asked from God was to believe in me. To believe that I would do everything within my power to provide him with a life of happiness and that I would protect his life at all cost. (That’s another story altogether.) I believed with everything I was that this baby was going to survive and I would regardless of any/all circumstances, I would raise my son.

At 29 weeks my son was born. He weighed 2 lbs 10 oz.  He was in the NICU for 77 days and I took my baby boy home on my original due date.

So here is my new belief.

I believe that I will one day have a large home. This home will provide love, warmth, kindness, compassion and temporary shelter for women waiting for a bed/space in a substance abuse rehabilitation center.  

That small window of opportunity also called the “window of willingness”  can be closed and the opportunity lost within hours or days of the addict/alcoholic having reached out to get clean and sober during that brief waiting time in which a bed or space becomes available in an inpatient recovery program.

I want to be able to provide that safety net of a transitional recovery home, providing shelter for the few days or weeks that their window is open might save a woman’s life.

This Keurig coffee maker represents this dream.
This will be the coffee maker that these women  wake up to every morning. Because I want them to know they matter and that they deserve a $10,000 cup of coffee.

Not only that but to say:



I don’t need to know when, how, why, or where… all I need to know, all I need to see, and to visualize… is the end result, down to even the smallest of detail…like that of a $10,000.00 Keurig, mint green coffee maker.

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