Looks Like a Longer Season Than Usual I Reckon…

Looks Like a Longer Season Than Usual I Reckon…

Ever wished all of here could learn a thing or two from nature.? Why, everything gets accomplished by each part working together. No need to argue, lie or find justification to manipulate? They’re never concerned with finding fault with one another and they always tell you the truth, no matter what. Hell, if they’re having a bad day you’re gonna straight up know about it. Hurricanes and earthquakes never hold anything back. When their pissed everyone knows it.

And when misty rainbows appear overhead or when a field full of wildflowers presents it’s original masterpiece, well then, Nature must be having herself a mighty fine day. I imagine also, that the wild moss with it’s velvety, glowing warmth never believes the plain, grey rock that which it grows upon is inadequate or inferior.

And have you ever seen winter tell lies about spring so he gets a longer season? (Well to be honest he doesn’t have to lie, sometimes he just darn well takes a longer season),

Does spring gossip about summer so that nobody likes her, and they only like spring?

The bees 🐝 don’t hatch plans to undermine the work of spiders, nor do the trees try to block the sun so that the flowers don’t grow to look more beautiful than the trees.

I think we’ve got it all wrong. Nature, the Cosmos, the seasons, all the reasons and every natural rhythm of our existence are all working in perfect synchronicity and harmony with one another. And what is accomplished? Everything! The results are spectacular and we can watch for hours in awe at the splendor of it all, as it just patiently moves along completely unaffected by it’s own glory. With such precision and the utmost consistency this “energy” (for lack of a better word) continues to maintain an infinitely complex ecosystem that is effective, efficient and self supporting. How businesses might succeed if this concept became their working model! So why is it that still, mankind has been unable to implement anything from this?

Never do you create a superior life, a better outcome or become more stabilized by cutting someone else down at the knees. It’s an impossibility.

For a fleeting moment it might provide an illusion that serves you somehow, but ultimately Father Time will be a powerful teacher when the lesson is taught.And without question, the lesson will always be taught. Whether it is learned? Well that is an entirely different matter.So the point I’m getting at is that I am seeing a shift in human behavior and what would typically be viewed as morally unacceptable, and perhaps even receiving disciplinary action for, is now being held up as a standard. And if the action/behavior is successful, the means or methods in which the outcome was achieved or the acquisition was obtained are irrelevant or even worse, they are duplicated for future models of success. The best analogy I can reference is that it’s as if I am trapped in a glass container where no one can hear me, I’m screaming, “No! Don’t do it! Please stop! I’ve done the same thing before! I’ve gone the same way before…Stop! Suffering will be so much worse! Go the other way!” I continue frantically motioning with my hands and arms, and as I scream in an isolation of silence, they continue to walk away from me hell-bent on going their own way, their own direction, and on a journey which I remember far too well. I’ve experienced the apocalyptic misery of my soul being twisted again and again and again because I chose a defensive posture to protect others from perceiving me to be different, inadequate or discardable. This mechanism only brought to life precisely what I was trying to evade. So I scream one last time, “It doesn’t have to be this way for you! Turn back! There’s still time!” and with a fearful whisper that might never be heard, “My God… how I love you…”

It is then, that I realize with a terribly heavy heart, all my attempts have failed. The trajectory they’ve placed themselves upon, by choices and behaviors has been preset, it’s course already determined. If only my heart they had listened to, rather than the deliberate doubt created by such unappetizing but easily digestible rumors. They couldn’t hear my heart, or feel my love, which only’s intent was to protect them from inevitible sorrow. And so I surrender, once again waving my white flag in the mirage of this reality accepted by the majority-while praying all the while that their eyes be opened to the wondrous beauty that exists within the blissful nirvana of The Truth.

But then again, perhaps I just didn’t understand,

that they simply needed a longer season

to grow.

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