Now’s Not a Good Time


Don’t knock right now
you dont want to see
the crazy, broke down woman
that he wanted her to be.

Backed into the corner,
Crumpled on the floor
No one would ever believe her
Behind those closed doors.

Saying “things are wonderful” through
Painted lipstick smiles.
Really don’t you fret,
It only hurts for a little while.

Oh! All those that say
“If you are being hurt, please tell.”
She tried that once you see
And ended up in a living hell.

They called her a liar
He would never do such things
How could she fly away
With such broken battered wings.

When all rescue attempts had failed
And she contemplated death,
She found a hatch to survival,
It was only 3 months- 3 months of crystal meth.

Freedom from the madness,
Began with one simple choice.
She looked in a mirror and said these words,
“I AM Here and I still HAVE a voice.”

What an ignorant choice to make
She knew it from the start
But how could she keep this madman
from tearing her apart?

Standing at last with a small bit of courage, she opened the door and walked out of that marriage.

Behind closed doors-

There’s a damn good reason why…

So all his good buddies, yes, even their wives would swallow up whole every one of his lies.

Fools he would call them them, and laugh at each one,

But surely not a moment before

he was once safely hidden behind those closed doors.

Kacie Brockman

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